Design and Development

  • Calculations and simulations
  • CAD Modeling
  • Technical Production Documents
  • Assembly and Integration Sequences
  • Technical Documentation

Manufacturing and Production

  • Component production by: turning, milling, drilling, 3D printing
  • Surface treatment by: anodizing, passivating, pickling, electropolishing
  • Piping System production: CNC bending, orbital, TIG, laser, and E-Beam welds
  • Test procedures for function and quality: custom geometry jigs, dye penetrants x-ray inspections, pressure proof, pressure drop, and helium leak tightness tests

Cleaning and Qualification

  • Pre-cleaning: Manual cleaning, Ultrasonic bath, Spray cleaning with alkaline detergent
  • Fully Automatic Wet Cleaning: Soaking, flushing, spraying, ultrasound, CNp
  • Drying: Heating in a vacuum environment
  • Qualification: UV and Bright Light Inspection, Particle Measurement (DPC), Humidity Measurement, TENAX, TOC Measurement, RGA

On-Site Service

  • On-Site Assembly and Installation
  • On-Site Qualification
  • Maintenance
  • Project and Site Management