• Design and Development

    It all begins with a problem that needs solving, or an idea ready to come to life. Together we identify and define the specific requirements of the project to create a tailor-made technical solution to meet your specifications. Upon request, our design engineers calculate or simulate pressure loss, flow, natural frequency as well as turbulence, tolerances, cooling performance, and life cycles of the planned components and systems.

    Next, we present the technical concept to you based on the first schematic drawings. As the concept continues through the development phase, our manufacturing engineers analyze all technical parameters for manufacturability. We then proceed to develop and design production tools such as weld heads, tube bending brackets, geometry jigs, and hoisting and transport equipment.

    Once everything has been discussed, analyzed, and tested, we will provide you with the final production documents for your approval. You will receive a detailed document package which may include: a CAD model, drawings, bills of materials, and technical specifications.

  • Manufacturing and Production

    Translating technical plans into tangible products takes place in our production facilities. With skilled craftsmanship we manufacture prototypes as well as small- and medium sized product series. Our product portfolio includes custom made tube bends and adapters, welding assemblies, panels, and gas cabinets. We will find the right production method for every project. To do so, we utilize our broad spectrum of in-house manufacturing capabilities and our carefully selected supplier base.

    We manufacture individual components by turning, milling drilling, and 3D printing. In surface treatment, various methods are used, such as anodizing, passivating, pickling and electropolishing. Complex piping systems are produced through CNC bending and by the use of various welding techniques including orbital, TIG, laser, and E-beam.

    Manufacturing and Production

  • Cleaning and Qualification

    With each project we set out to achieve your strictest of purity requirements. To do so, we develop cleaning and qualification processes that will not only purify your product to the necessary state but also validate it. We offer four standardized cleaning levels for products measuring up to 1300 x 600 x 500 mm and 1300 x 800 x 200 mm:

    LR0: Basic Cleaning
    LR1: For Cleanroom Applications
    LR2: For Low Outgassing and Low Particle Applications
    LR3: For Semiconductor and Highly Sensitive Applications

  • On-Site Service

    Whether at your company’s facilities or on a construction site, our service and plant engineering team is ready to install your systems and carry out maintenance upon request. Taking your technical timing and budget requirements into consideration, our project managers develop a comprehensive service plan that meets the needs of the project. Based on this customized plan, our site managers and service technicians work to install your systems and ensure its effective use.

    After the successful installation of the system comes the qualification by our team of testing experts. After commissioning, you will receive a complete documentation package which includes operating instructions, a maintenance booklet, as well as testing documentation.

    Our service portfolio includes all installation and maintenance services relevant to media supply systems. These include: high purity gas delivery systems, vacuum systems, DI water systems, as well as chemical and solvent supply systems. Our assemblers are familiar with all connection methods such as orbital and hand welding, flanges, fittings, and other connection systems.

    On-Site Service