LR Pure Systems GmbH was founded in 2015 by its owners and managing directors, Stefan Rass and Arno Loewenstrom. What started with 6 employees in Stuttgart Weilimdorf has grown into a team of over 60 employees with a modern production and cleanroom facility headquartered in Ditzingen-Heimerdingen.

Our team of experts in all departments are prepared to offer you innovative, adaptable, and reliable solutions to your company’s needs, and future-driving technologies. The collaboration begins with your idea and continues through to the successful completion of the project – and beyond.

We aim to support your business and enable technical progress through our expertise in designing, developing, producing, cleaning, and servicing ultra high purity systems – in the most effective and innovative way possible. We look forward to working together.

Stefan Raß & Arno Löwenstrom


Headquartered in southern Germany, our customer base crosses time zones and business sizes, consisting of industry-leading corporations, SMEs, and research institutions in the semiconductor, aerospace, chemical, and other high-tech industries on a global scale.


At LR Pure Systems we offer the highest quality and level of expertise in the UHP fluid systems market. With highly skilled and experienced leadership and a comprehensive understanding of a range of high-tech applications, we solve the answers to your toughest of challenges. We are fueled by a deep appreciation for the work we do. From the moment you bring us your idea through to the successful completion of the project, we work to achieve results.


In collaboration with our partners, we manufacture the highest of quality products, matching our customers’ requirements and expectations.